How Should a Hat Fit?

Hat Fit

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How should a hat fit? It seems like an obvious question at first because some think it doesn’t really matter, especially when it’s just something you put over your head.

The truth is, it does matter. Once you’ve found a hat that’s true to your size, you’ll start to feel the difference from all those other hats whose fit you didn’t care about. Read on to learn some tips on how exactly a hat should fit:

Know the Proportions of Your Body

A wide brim hat is seen as the best fit for all figures, but especially those with broad shoulders. This is because a tiny brim will make one’s head smaller than it actually is, and may cover up their face. This logic works vice versa, and if you are more on the lean and petite side, you should definitely avoid a brim wider than three inches.

Different Materials Have a Different Fit

Unfortunately, multiple scenarios could happen to a hat depending on the material used. There are chances that it could stretch, shrink or reshape without even knowing. If you have a wide array of hats, you’ll notice they have different materials that result in a different feel. In this case, the best way to know if a certain hat fits you is to simply try it on. If the hat feels right, then that should be it. Go for a smug fit and not a tight one.

The Fit Differs Per Style of Hat

There are different ways to wear and fit a hat. For instance, a baseball cap’s bill should be worn forward to protect you from the sun or rain, which will create a shield for your head and face. You should have the option to adjust it using either a snapback or a rear strap behind the cap itself. If it does not come with those, you really need to pick your size, preferably using a feel test correctly.

For a fedora, it should just fit comfortably in your head in a way that it shouldn’t fall off. Some have questioned the durability of fedoras with strong winds, but that’s why it’s important to get the ones with the finest materials possible. Flat caps, on the other hand, are almost similar to baseball caps in terms of fit. Make sure to place it properly, or it would look puffy at the back. This cap is perfect for semi-formal occasions.

When it comes to beanies, most people who wear them have long hair, so they pick out the ones with very stretchable material to slick their hair backward like a headband. This is the right logic to have as it is essential to know your hair and face shape before buying the right beanie for you.

We’ve all owned a hat one way or another in our lives, but you probably never cared how it fitted on your head. Don’t waste any more of those and see how a good fitting hat can change your whole fashion appearance. Look good and just have fun with it, that’s what’s matters the most.