Steal Rachel Zoe’s Amazing Accessory Style

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Last Updated on June 6, 2022 by Steal the Style

Fans of celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe (and those who watch her Bravo reality TV series The Rachel Zoe Project) are no doubt well aware of her penchant for chunky jewelry that makes a bold statement.

Of course, her petite stature would no doubt make any adornment take center stage, but she’s certainly not one to shy away from pieces that would look clownishly large on anyone else.  This woman never met a cocktail ring she didn’t like.  While she tends to collect vintage costume jewelry (with favorite pieces coming from the over-the-top 70s), she is certainly no stranger to designer jewelry, with Chanel being a clear front-runner in her fashion palette.  And while you may not have the connections to get some of the same pieces she does, here are a few ways to steal her fondness for flare that will make you go bah-nanas!

1. Cocktail rings

This staple of the Rachel Zoe look must be seriously overstated.  Whether you’re sporting a large, single stone (which she seems to prefer) or a more artsy arrangement of metalwork and gems, her personal style mantra seems to be “the bigger the better”.  And she has no qualms about wearing more than one ring at a time, so load up those fingers with bling!Yellow Shinning Cubic Zirconia Topaz Rings For Women 18K Rose Gold Plated … (Yellow, 10)

2. Necklaces

From chunky chokers to multi-layered collars to beaded lavalieres, Zoe will wear it all (as long as it’s loud).  However, when it comes to adorning her decolletage, she tends to stick to neutrals like gold, silver, black, white, or colorless.  And she never pairs large earring with a large necklace.  Her style seems to demand one or the other.

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3. Bracelets

If you guessed that cuffs were a Rachel Zoe favorite, you would be right.  She is most often spotted with metallic pieces the size of bracers, but she is also known to wear strands of beads wrapped around her dainty wrists.  You would be hard-pressed to find a photo of her wearing a watch.

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4. Earrings

Her dangly drop numbers are often long enough to brush her collarbone, and she tends to favor decent sized spheres or discs.  Although she is rarely seen wearing earrings (possibly as a result of her voluminous waves), when she does, she’s sure to make jaws drop.

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5.  Other Items

Hats and glasses and bags, oh my!.  Her taste in hats leans towards the droopy variety worn by the surfer crowd (only infinitely more fashionable, adorned with beads or woven from cashmere).  Her sunglasses, a SoCal staple, are (no surprise) of the fly-eyes variety worn in the ’70s.  And her purses are surprisingly eclectic.  Day bags are usually large and bucket-like (about the size of Samsonite luggage), while evening brings out her collection of small clutches (from black satin to red leather to furry zebra-skin).

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6. Her Own Designer Collection

If, despite this peek into the accessories of Rachel Zoe, you still can’t figure out how to steal her style, you can simply buy it.  Thanks to a recent teaming with QVC, you can now purchase a line of Rachel Zoe jewelry inspired by her own personal collection.  Could it get any easier to swipe the fashion sense that made her a celebrity-magnet?


Steal Rachel Zoe's Style