Smartphones: Get Fashion with Your Function

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When it comes to cell phones, there are two camps: function and fashion. For some people, function far outweighs good looks and, for others, fashion beats out function every day of the week. Instead of settling for one or the other, why not go for both? Here are five beautiful phones that marry high functionality with stunningly good looks:

Samsung Galaxy Note

If you’re looking for a phone that’s not quite a tablet, and a tablet that’s not quite a phone, the Galaxy Note is the perfect option. Big and sexy, the smartphone is supersized in all of the right ways. Turning what could have been a bulky, unattractive phone into one that is sleek and gorgeous, Samsung has hit the nail on the head when it comes to meshing a functional phone with one you’ll be proud to show off.

Blackberry Bold 9000

The Nation’s favorite Blackberry handset has been transformed by Goldstriker into a stunning piece of equipment that can rival any accessory you wrap around your body. Covered in 18 carat white gold, this model sells for just over $1,000, making it a bit more expensive than some may want to pay. If you want a stylish phone that’s sure to turn heads, you may want to do what you can to fit this Blackberry into your budget.

Apple iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S has quickly become a favorite among consumers, thanks to its newly designed casing and simple, yet timeless design. While consumers complain that other phones look dated as quickly as a year after they’re made, Apple’s offerings continue to attract users by the thousands. Whether it’s their lightweight, yet sturdy feel, or the ability to dress it up with hundreds of thousands of skins, cases, and covers, the iPhone 4S is sure to be one of the most stylish phones on the market for years to come.

Apple iPhone 3GS

Goldstriker makes their mark again, but this time with the iPhone 3GS. This glamorous phone features a red casing lined with 24 carat gold. If red isn’t your style, Goldstriker also has 3GS models covered in diamonds, rubies, crystals and even snakeskin. When it comes to functionality, you’ll be duly impressed by the iPhone 3GS. In fact, some Apple devotees have resisted the urge to upgrade to the 4S because they are so tied to their 3GS.

Sony Xperia S

This phone is the perfect understated accessory for the fashionista. Sony takes the standard black casing and dresses it up with a silver bar wrapped around the bottom of the phone. This phone is said to be one of the iPhone’s biggest rivals, with its beautiful design and crystal-clear display. If you can pull yourself away from the iOS and into the world of Android, the Sony Xperia X certainly won’t disappoint.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with expecting your mobile phone to be as gorgeous as it is useful. When you stop to consider that you’ll be paying hundreds of dollars for your phone, why wouldn’t you expect the best of both worlds? If you’re looking for a phone that promises to combine form and function, you can’t go wrong with any of the five models above.

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