Super Quick Beauty Routines For A Girl On The Go

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To maintain glowing skin, fabulous hair, and flawless make-up, women around the world have devised secret beauty routines. Their diverse weapons used include moisturizers, sleeping caps, and versatile make-up. Not all these will work for everyone however, so you have to do a little research of your own to perfect your style. Here are a couple of super quick beauty tips in some of the top areas. Girls-on-the-go will be able to use them in their daily routine easily. 

Skincare Tips
The key to healthy skin is keeping it clean. It only takes 10 minutes each day to maintain. The first step is to wash the face with a mild soap. Generally, the one used for bathing works, however specialty soap may also be needed. This is followed by applying the appropriate make-up remover. There are mild astringents such as witch hazel and peroxide. These can be found at most retailers in a variety of sizes and affordable prices. If these do not work, a visit to a reputable brand at the mall is next. Use wipes without chemicals along with these products. The test for a clean face is a clear wipe after the routine is complete. 

Hair Tips
An easy trick to stop breakage and tangles during sleep is to wear a satin cap. It protects hair by making it easier to comb or brush in the morning. This saves time, as well as prepares it for the daily shampoo. Go light with the amount of conditioner used as too much will leave it dull and lifeless. These and other tips can be found on sites like Pinterest and Cute Girl Hairstyles you can find cute hairstyles for young girls and beauty tips for skin, nails and more, because nobody likes a bad hair day. 

Getting plenty of volume with any hair style is a challenge. Some products such as mousses add more fluff to curls or each strand. Blow dryers also get the job done without using an excess amount of heat. Try flipping the hairdo over by bending forward. Follow this by blowing the hair for one to two minutes in the opposite direction. Quickly whip the head up for instant bounce and loads of volume without additional hair products. Use fingers to comb through the hair while helping it fall effortlessly in place. 

Make-up Tips
Once decisions are made on the items you stock in your make-up bags, using ways to quickly apply them is essential. There are several must-haves including a mirror and pencil sharpener. A super quick trick is to always sharpen liners after use to save time with each application. Consider using the same liner for lips and eyes. Lipstick lasts longer than those with a screw top container and also apply easier with the shaped tip. Mascara wearers can use the side stroke across lashes first for liberal coverage followed by normal long twist ups for the curl effect. This keeps the strokes down to three or four per eye. 

Super quick application tips are the most important aspect to any beauty routine. This translates to using them at home, in the office, or when traveling. Finding ones that are convenient starts as a hit and miss project. Use travel sized products that fit easily in purses so you don’t have to take a cosmetic bag. Busy women can hang on to what works well and tweak them as needed.