Top 10 Perfect Outfits to Wear for a Long-Haul Flight

Long-Haul Flight

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In 2017, a whopping 4.1 billion people flew on scheduled airline services. That represents a staggering increase of 180 million passengers from the year before.

Of this, folks from the United States lead the pack of frequent fliers, representing 18.6% of all flyers. That’s about 632 million Americans who flew on a frequent basis!

What’s even more impressive is how many of these people went on a long-haul flight of six hours or more. Some even flew on ultra-long-haul flights, which are non-stop flights of over 12 hours.

If these flyers can survive sitting in cramped spaces for such a long time, so can you. There are ways to get through such long travel times though, and it starts with dressing up right for a flight.

If you’re about to embark on a six-hour-or-longer journey up above, follow our outfit guide. They’ll keep you cozy and comfy while keeping your style in check!

1. Put On that Pullover

Did you know that most planes set cabin temperatures to around 72 degrees Fahrenheit? For New Jerseyites, that’s a typical summer feel. But for jet setters who fly already dressed for a tropical vacay, that can be a little too chilly.

Armed with that knowledge, you can see why a pullover is an ideal long haul flight outfit. If you’re headed somewhere with tolerable temperatures, a cotton hoodie is warm enough. A sherpa pullover that’s loose enough is more ideal for chilly destinations.

What’s important is to choose something you can also wear wherever you’re headed. If not, then it’s likely not the best choice.

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2. … Or Go with a Long Cardigan

Something that’s long enough to cover your back is another top choice on what to wear when flying long distance. So, if a hoodie or pullover isn’t your style, you can don a long cardigan instead.

Cardigans also make great travel buddies, thanks to their versatility. Meaning, you can use them for almost any occasion, be it casual or semi-formal!

If your trip is more casual, you can pair this up with jeans or even slacks. If you’re flying to attend a semi-casual event, a fitted cardigan will make you look classy and smart.

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3. A Blazer (Depending on the Weather)

If you tend to get cold, a blazer is a quick but preppy fix to your cold sensitivities. If you’re wearing nothing but a shirt, this outerwear can turn casual into chic and fancy.

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4. Your Favorite Tee or Top

If many flights can get super chilly, there are some that can get a little too hot for comfort. This can be due to hot weather, the plane’s AC system, the body heat every one emits, or all the above. If you are looking for fancy top and t-shirt ideas, I suggest looking for K-pop fashion-related stores to be the trendiest girl on the plane.

Regardless of the reason in the surge in cabin temp, you’ll be thankful for having worn your favorite t-shirt or top. Once the temperature drops again, you can simply put on extra layers.

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5. Stretchy Trousers or Denim

The best travel outfits for long flights are those that won’t deprive your muscles of oxygen. Tight jeans will only get tighter once you’re sitting.

Aside from restricting blood flow, too-tight bottoms can also trigger acid reflux. This can happen due to the tight waistband putting constant pressure on your stomach.

Remember, you’ll be sitting for six hours or more during a long-haul flight. That’s more than enough pressure your tummy can handle from super-tight waistbands.

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6. Rock the Activewear

We’re not saying you can and should wear your neon tracksuit for six hours or longer. But some womens sweatshirts and long-sleeved tops are dressy enough as flight clothes.

Plus, seeing as they’re activewear, their fabrics are breathable, which is a must for those who tend to get hot. They’re also warm enough to help fend off the chill of the plane’s AC.

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7. Nice and Comfy Socks

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) isn’t that common, but it still affects about 900,000 Americans each year. Folks who travel for a long time, as in long-haul flights, are also at a higher risk for developing this condition.

If you have higher risks of DVT, compression socks may help bring those odds down. Be sure to ask your doctor for advice, as ill-fitting compression socks can make things worse.

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8. Shoes That Won’t Cramp Your Feet (and Your Style)

For some, this could be ballet flats, while for others, it could be their fave pair of sneakers. If your most comfortable shoes are your 16-eye boots, however, you may want to settle for another pair. Just think about how long it’ll take you to get through airport security.

9. Your Sunnies (During the Flight Itself)

Many studies, like this one, found that eye masks help boost sleep quality in CCU and ICU patients. In fact, for many athletes who go on long-haul travels, the use of eye masks during flights is a must. Doing so helps them avoid hellish jet-lag symptoms that can impede their performance.

If you don’t have an eye mask, you can don your sunnies to help you catch ZZZs during your long flight. Sunglasses also serve another purpose – they can hide those bags under your eyes.

Note: Be sure to take them off before exiting the plane to get through immigration! Then, snap them back on once you’ve exited the airport.

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10. Wrap Up Your Look with a Pashmina

If you haven’t yet, now’s the time to invest in a good quality pashmina. They serve multiple purposes – as a scarf, a shawl, a blanket, and even as a makeshift pillow! Plus, they’re uber luxurious, so they can really help you stay comfy and fashionable at the same time.

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Dress Right to Get Through Your Long-Haul Flight

With these outfits, you can beat the heat and stave off the cold you’ll encounter during your flight. They may not make your flight ultra-comfortable, but they can help you make it much more tolerable. And if you make the right choices, you can even use these long-haul flight clothes in your destination.

So, pack your bags and leave on that plane wearing these smart travel clothes for lengthy flights!

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What To Wear On A Long-Haul Flight