What Are Hair Follicle Mites and Do You Have Them?

Hair Follicle Mites

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Living with rosacea and other skin conditions can feel embarrassing and uncomfortable. We all want to put our best selves forward with clear, even skin. Many people living with redness and dry patches on their faces have four times more Demodex mites than those without skin conditions.

You may ask yourself, What are Demodex mites? These are common hair follicle mites that are usually harmless. But, when there is an abundance of skin mites, they can cause unsightly skin issues.

Read on to learn about hair follicle mites, the signs of skin mites, and what you can do about them!

What Are Hair Follicle Mites?

Demodex mites are a type of common skin mite that lives on the fair follicle. They mostly live on the face. Usually, these skin mites don’t cause any harm.

These types of mites are related to arachnids. They are often found on the eyelashes, ear canals, and the sides of the nose. Demodex mites are microscopic and can’t be seen on the surface of the skin.

There are two species of mites that are found on our faces. One of these consumes skin cells, while the other eats sebum from the oil glands.

These mites are part of the natural and healthy microbiome of all humans. They are active at night when you sleep and live in the skin’s sebaceous glands. Demodex mites surface from the skin’s pores to mate and lay eggs during the night.

Are Skin Mites Bad for You?

Hair follicle mites aren’t bad for you in normal quantities. But, when overpopulation occurs the body suffers a condition called demodicosis. Demodicosis looks like scaly, red, and itchy skin.

People with compromised immune systems might get demodicosis more often than those with stronger immune systems. There is also a link between rosacea and hair follicle mites. While the research is inconclusive at this time if the mites cause rosacea or if rosacea increases the number of mites, evidence shows that an abundance of Demodex mites and the red skin go together.

Signs of an abundance of skin mites:

  • Burning skin
  • Itchiness
  • Red patches or flushed skin
  • Sandpaper texture
  • Scaling skin
  • Loss of lashes

While scaly and red skin isn’t life-threatening, it is something that most people want to avoid.

How to Treat Skin Mites

The best way to treat your skin for an abundance of hair follicle mites is to wash your face with a non-soap cleanser, like one from GetGlowing Skincare. Washing the face twice a day and gently scrubbing the eyelashes and eyelids helps maintain normal amounts of these common mites.

If the skin shows signs of irritation and infestation of too many Demodex mites, you can add tea tree oil to your face wash to kill the eggs of the mites. There are prescription-level treatments available for severe cases.

Be sure to consult a doctor for any medical advice and treatments.

Perfect Skin Care Tips

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