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Flat iron for straight hair

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Taking into account the growing awareness about fashion, it is safe to conclude that flat iron is owned by almost everyone or at least there is one flat iron in each house to meet the exigency of vogue hairstyles.

But not everyone has complete knowledge about their flat irons, how to use them properly, how to clean them and what technology they possess. But don’t worry all your queries will be entertained in this article.

Flat Iron Technologies

Various brands follow different technologies and they have their own pros and cons but the technology which is common among all and best so far is Ionic technology and pretty much every good hair styling tool like flat iron, curling iron, hot airbrush, and hairdryer has it.

Ionic technology is famous for its efficiency and unparalleled results, it provides Million of negative ions to be infused into your hair cuticles hence making your hair smooth, sleek and maintaining your hair health which is usually at stake when heating your hair.

Other technologies include far-infrared and wet to dry flat irons. Far infrared heating provides superior heat penetration and hence boosts your hairstyling time. Wet to dry flat irons are rare and their venting system enables them to be utilized on wet hair, unlike other flat irons that make them unique.

Features of Flat Irons

Not every flat iron has the same set of features, rather they are determined by the manufacturer or defined by the price range of the product. But some features that are necessary for any flat iron to have are as follow:

Necessary Features

Variable Temperature Control

Some hair types like thick coarse hair, have strong hydrogen bond among them and require high heat content to be reshaped while other hair types like fine hair are fragile and are prone to damage at high temperatures. So a good flat iron must have large temperature variation to be used for any hair type.

Plate Size

By plate size, it means the width of plates used in flat iron. Width of plates is also dependent on your hair type but the range of 1” to 1.5” inch is versatile and is best for any hair type.

Technology Used

For exceptional results like professionals, you must make sure that your flat iron possesses ionic technology and the reason for that has already been clarified above.

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Additional Features

Dual Voltage Control

If you are the one, who travels a lot and carry your flat iron with yourself to the journey then this feature is very beneficial for you. As not every country follows the same voltage standard some follow 110V standard while other countries follow 220V. Dual voltage control allows the flat iron to be used on both the voltage standards.

Features You Should Be Looking if You Have Thin Fine Hair

Fine hair has a weak hydrogen bond and doesn’t require high heat so you don’t have to worry about the high-temperature achievability of the flat iron. Best flat iron for natural hair silk press must-have ceramic plates and Ionic technology as it maintains the health of hair.

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Features You Should Be Looking if You Have Thick Coarse Hair

Thick coarse hair has a strong hydrogen bond and requires high heat, so you should be worried about the highest temperature your flat iron can achieve. Ionic technology would be a plus. The plate size of 1.5” is ideal for thick and coarse hair.

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How to Clean Your Flat Iron

There are not many people who clean their flat iron as they think it doesn’t make much difference. But this is totally wrong as cleaning your flat iron keeps it healthy as good as new and helps flat iron to keep its performance-optimized. But if flat iron is not cleaned regularly it loses its efficiency and might cause damage to your hair.

But don’t stress yourself with the idea of cleaning flat iron just yet, as it is not that difficult to clean your flat iron. You just got to follow these simple steps to clean your flat iron.

  1. Plug your flat iron and set it to lowest heat settings and let it warm up for a couple of seconds to loosen any settled dust or grime.
  2. Now, turn off the flat iron so that you don’t shock yourself while cleaning the flat iron. You can also let it cool down a bit for a minute or so.
  3. Now use a towel or cotton piece and dip it in spirit or concentrated alcohol and rub it on the plates to remove the stains or hard to remove grime.

And there you have cleaned your flat iron successfully in just 3 easy steps.

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Using Flat Iron, the Right Way

The probable reason, you don’t get the results like professionals even though you possess a good flat iron is you are not using straightening your hair the right way. Now the question that should be clicked in your mind is what it means by straightening the hair right away.

Straightening your hair, the right way means you are following proper steps and preparing your hair so that they can stand the heat that is about to be provided by a flat iron.

The Right Way to Use Your Flat Iron

The preparation step includes cleaning your hair prior to hair straightening to remove any dust particles from your hair which you probably can’t see with your naked eyes. Cleaning of hair is followed by proper moisturizing of your hair using hair moisturizers and finally combing your hair to remove tangles and dividing them into the section to keep track of which parts of hair have already been treated with a flat iron so that you don’t overdo certain parts of your hair.

After you have prepared your hair make sure that they are 70% to 80% dry before applying flat iron, as applying flat iron to wet hair can burn them. Now straighten your hair with flat iron slowly and steadily, not so quickly that some parts remain un-straightened and not so slowly that you still end up burning your hair.

Conclusions About Choosing the Right Electronic Product for Women

We always recommend buying an electronic product very carefully as choosing the wrong product can be a weird experience for you. Similarly, if you are going to buy a women’s trimmer, just read a good buying guide for purchasing the right electric trimmer for you. You should be extra cautious before buying the products like women’s trimmer, electric shavers, flat irons, and curling irons.  

Owning a good flat iron is not everything you need to get lavishing hairstyles. You must have proper knowledge of utilizing a flat iron and how to clean them so that they don’t lose their efficiency over time. Selecting a good flat iron is also a necessary part and requires the research prior to going to the flat iron market. I hope this article clears your confusion and provides you the complete insight about flat irons.

Everything about Flat Irons