What To Wear When Fishing With Your Boyfriend

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Did you know that fishing could be a great way to get connect and have fun with your partner by enjoying a beautiful day outside enjoying the natural world? When people mention the word fishing, the first thing that enters most women’s’ mind is something altogether unpleasant and rather messy (guts, bait, stinky, blood) to name a few…  From today, if someone mentions going fishing try to reframe and think of it as a fun adventure! 

Fishing spots around the country are really about beautiful scenery, spending a day on the water, having a romantic retreat. Now on to the important thing what to wear for your fishing date with your boyfriend or a blind date so you can dress properly! 

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What to Wear on a Date to Go Fishing

1. Choosing a Base Layer

When fishing in summer, a thinner t-shirt should form the base layer. Go for cotton or mixed fibers with a 50+ UPF rating that will easily wick away moisture. Remember you will be outdoors near the water and want to avoid getting a sunburn or bug bites on your fun day out!



2. Choosing Pants or Shorts

Consider lightweight pants, jeggings, jeans or leggings that are comfortable to wear while walking, bending or moving around.  Bringing an extra pair is a good idea in case you get splashed on. Another alternative are comfy cargo shorts if the day is expected to be really hot.  You can also store a few items such as pliers or tackle in the pockets. If you are planning to go deep fishing, pants that have a narrow ankles are ideal so you can slide on tall waders over the pants. 



3.  Choosing Outerwear

When planning to fish, the phrase lightweight’ should remain in your mind. Always choose light-colored clothes with breathable fabric. Wear short-sleeved fishing shirts but if you are worried about sunburn, go for the long-sleeved ones. The shirt should feature a mess lining to allow air circulation on your body. A flannel shirt will help you feel warm in those chilly mornings.



4.   Shoes & Boots 

Avoid flip-flops or sandals or really any open toed shoes. The best choices for your fishing date adventure are going to be sneakers, hiking boots or sturdy rainboots. You maybe stepping in mud puddles and after you get your perfect catch, the fish cleaning makes a mess so you want shoes that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty and smelly. Apart from fishing, your aim is to have a romantic day and not worry about your footwear.



5. Swimsuit

Swimsuits are optional, this will really depend on where your date is taking you fishing. If there is a nice lake swimming hole or beach nearby bring your suite to cool off from the afternoon heat. Since you are out on a fishing trip, a comfortable sporty bathing suit that is is easy to layer is the best choice. 



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6. Stay Sun Safe with Sunglasses and Hats

With a pair of sunglasses, you will effectively safeguard yourself from the hot sun. A fishing hat or ball cap with a wider brim is also a good option to stay cool and protect against the sun reflections on the water. 




Enjoy your fishing date and remember comfort is key!